My Blogging Journey

Today on 24-01-2019, I am starting my blogging journey. With an experience of 27 years in financial markets, I hope to touch the lives of many with my experiences and learning through my blog.

As most people take markets as a gamble, I chose to name my
blog Invest or gamble or investor gamble. I wish to spread financial literacy and eradicate myths connected to financial markets .

Having met a young chap Shaurya Mehta a few days back compels me to quote what he said “Each one of us is actually creating an illusion that I am more knowledgeable, but none in percentage terms have .0001% knowledge in the world, Stay Modest .”

I seek support from friends and fraternity in this endeavor.

2 Replies to “My Blogging Journey”

  1. I have heard about you from one of my CA friend & he informed me that you are starting a blog.
    Now I think that I will learn about finance. I am from non finance background.
    I am Investing time in learning about Stock markets but facing a lot of difficulties. Very difficult to understand all the stuff but now I think that you will make the stuff easy.😊

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