Sector Analysis

I have a proprietary system of looking at sectors which are doing relatively better than the index. This is a top-down approach where you look at strong sectors and then strong shares/stocks in that particular sector. This is my list of sectors which are doing better than nifty since last few weeks till 25/01/2019. I will try to post this every week. This is not a recommendation and read disclaimer before looking forward .

My country is changing

I think freedom of every kind is essential in the country which India aims to be. This Republic day I went on to do a Financial Literacy Program for a school (Anand Sagar Academy ) in the interiors ( Village :Koir Singh Wala ) of Punjab. The school is being run by a very dynamic leader Mrs Suman .

I went there with some predefined notion that it must be like some government run school with poor infra but to my surprise, it was quite different. I asked the Principal of school whether I should deliver my talk in Hindi or Punjabi, the reply was why not in English.

The toilets were so clean and even better than good private schools. The school has also established a UNESCO club in school. I was taken aback by various activities the school is involved in viz; Financial education, NCC, NSS, Scout, Music( winning the best team in traditional equipment from so many years). Being a charitable CBSE board school, the fee is so affordable compared to private schools. The school surely deserves some sort of appreciation or award for there efforts.

Considering that, financial freedom, what allows you to take important decisions without having to worry about its impact on your financial health, is quintessential to the equation. I went to a rural area all thanks to ncfe , to reach people who have lived most of their lives not caring about an essential part of their lives, money. The response was quite admirable, and embarrassingly, much better than what I expected. I would like to thank the principal for being so very progressive and everybody who was present to come to listen to my talk on a holiday. The love, respect and admiration showed towards a guest speaker in rural Punjab are incomparable.I would once again like to thank ncfe for their efforts at spreading financial literacy and for including me in this excellent endeavour.

Flag Hoisting
Teachers and Principals of adjoining schools

In the end only one thing I can say “Mera desh badal raha hain ” .

Explaining Mutual funds

My Blogging Journey

Today on 24-01-2019, I am starting my blogging journey. With an experience of 27 years in financial markets, I hope to touch the lives of many with my experiences and learning through my blog.

As most people take markets as a gamble, I chose to name my
blog Invest or gamble or investor gamble. I wish to spread financial literacy and eradicate myths connected to financial markets .

Having met a young chap Shaurya Mehta a few days back compels me to quote what he said “Each one of us is actually creating an illusion that I am more knowledgeable, but none in percentage terms have .0001% knowledge in the world, Stay Modest .”

I seek support from friends and fraternity in this endeavor.